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December 20, 2010

Santa Command(™) app now available for Apple iPhone and iPad

New app puts iPhone users in charge of The Big Man. Users can tell Santa to do some Yoga, say something in French, or dance the Jitterbug… They simply type commands into their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and Santa will obey.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2010

Santa Command is the only app where *users* can boss The Big Man.

With Christmas less than 5 days away, Santa Command is seeking out users to boldly take on the all-important responsibility of telling “the big guy” what to do.

“Hey, when Mrs. Claus isn’t around, someone has to pull the strings” says head elf Rachel Joy. Not only can Santa do the Jitterbug, fist bump, and speak Chinese…. he can also bust out some pretty serious jumping jacks. “And when you think you’ve seen him do everything, tap the bottom right corner of the screen to access the Hints List,” reveals Rachel, “because Santa might just be dying to boogie down to the Chicken Dance, and, well, who woulda known?”

Santa Command is a free app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Users type commands, and Santa immediately responds. There are over 300 different commands that Santa will obey. Anytime a user tells Santa to do something inappropriate, he will wave his finger at them, indicating their naughtiness.

“Most people weren’t aware that Santa can sing, do sports and play musical instruments,” says Santa Command app Creative Director Mark Blumenthal. “The big guy can even speak Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Mandarin.”

“And Santa can certainly boogie down. He can Twist, Jitterbug, Tango, and Disco, plus he can do the Robot, Macarena, and Raise the Roof,” says Blumenthal. “Unfortunately Santa hasn’t yet nailed the Moonwalk, so Mrs. Claus takes over on that one. But the big guy makes it up with some pretty snazzy soft shoe tap.”

Head Elf Rachel keeps Santa young and hip by doing high-fives and fist bumps, boogie boarding, the Chicken Dance, and the YMCA. When Santa needs to let off some steam, Elf Rachel will challenge him to a sword duel… with large candy canes. And when Santa is ready for his back massage, Mrs. Claus is only a few keystrokes away.

Flatulence Controversy

The whole “bodily functions” issue has been a hot potato during the app’s development and pre-release phases. “While it may be considered politically incorrect for someone like the President, the Pope, or Santa to ‘cut a muffin’ “, says Blumenthal, “app users must consider the fact that Santa is a real human being, with real with bodily functions. (and accept the fact that big guys are gassy by nature)” However, in the name of the purity & goodness of All Things Christmas, flatulation was disabled in the original release of the app. The following week, in the name of app coolness, flatulation was re-enabled in an app update–however that is pending another decision reversal before the next app update. Blumenthal advises, “To see how it finally ends, you can contact the Santa Command help desk directly, or, just command Santa to pull your finger and see what happens.”

Santa Saves Trees

In the name of humanity (and for tax write-off reasons) the Santa Command app is now “100% green”. When users tell Santa to “go green”, “recycle”, “save a tree” or “save the earth”, out comes Santa’s favorite elf Rachel, with the official South Pole OSHA-approved blue recycle bin.

Snow in Florida

iPhone app users who are dying to throw a snowball but live in Miami, may just be in luck. The Santa Command app has some special extra features, including a brilliant how-to video that shows users 5 different ways to make their own snow.

Watching Santa’s Reindeer and South Pole Penguins

Users can access Santa’s Reindeer Cam, Penguin Cam, and Santa Cam, all three for small 99 cent charge to their iTunes account. Kids and adults alike love to watch the Reindeer play, the Penguins swim and waddle about, and Santa do some South Pole style skiing and snowboarding.

Users can download the free app by accessing the Apple App Store on their Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then searching for “Santa Command”. Alternately users can find a direct link to the app’s Apple App Store download page at the Santa Command website,

Journalists interested in a password to unlock the app’s premium features including the Reindeer Cam and Penguin Cam, and Magic Snowball, may obtain a code from the Press section of

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